Bio in English

“Artists are kids who never put down their crayons”


Even if my medium is paint that sentence means everything to me, my life, my passion.
I have stayed self-taught and I improve day after day with my brushes.
My “subjects” are painted from pictures taken by myself during my long walks in nature, which allows me to feel privileged moments with them all the way until they are created on my canvases.
It is important for me to impregnate myself to those sights, to remember that exact moment that we have met to be able to translate the mix of emotions and true happiness.
Originally from Switzerland the discovery of the Canadian Rockies has permitted me to surround myself in the vast and wild nature where I was able to evolve and express myself.

I would like through the captured moments to offer a moment of tenderness in my paintings and share with you all the beauty and emotions that our beautiful planet has to offer.